Adult Recognition

Scouter Recognitions


Don’t forget to recognize the adults for their outstanding contributions to the development of your Catholic Youth Ministry. There are several recognitions available. The Adult Leaders* are entitled to wear the BSA Adult Religious Knot if they receive the St. George recognition.
Traditionally, all nominations for Adult Recognitions must be submitted by 12 noon on the Saturday of the annual Diocesan Scout Summit. Email Janine Halverson: to submit forms or get more information.

Bronze Pelican

The Bronze Pelican is used to recognize individuals in your local dioceses for their significant contributions. Traditionally, someone may be nominated for providing 3 years of Catholic Scouting service and the Diocesan Committee (there is not a limit on how many may be awarded each year).  The Bronze Pelican nomination form can be downloaded here: Bronze Pelican Nomination Form

St. George

St. George award is used to recognize individuals in your local dioceses for their significant contributions and many years of support for the Catholic Youth Ministry at the local level. Traditionally, someone may be nominated for contributing 5 years total or 2 more years following the awarding of the Bronze Pelican. Diocesan Committees are tied to the number of Catholic sponsored units within its Diocese.   Click here for guidelines on selecting an Adult for this award.  

Jerusalem Cross

The Jerusalem Cross is used to recognize Scouting in the Catholic Church participants held at Philmont training center,who return to their dioceses and complete a mission project benefiting Catholic youth of their community.

*Non-Catholic Adults are also eligible as many lead or work with our Catholic youth to facilitate these awards or work actively to support the Catholic Scouting Committee or program.