About Us

Our Diocesan Catholic Scouting organization offers a unique combination of invigorating your Scouts interest in the Church as well as the Scouting context in which we deliver it. The richness of our programs over the last 75 years has nurtured an atmosphere where 40% of our priests have come from Scouting backgrounds. Our awards program, the retreat activities, the pilgrimage to holy sites and the exploration of how each of us travel down our Faith Journey helps instill a seed that sometimes grows into a vocation or service to the Church.

Diocesan Chaplain

Diocesan Chair
Jim Hamilton
Religious Emblems Chair
Jim Breen
Vice Chair
Margaret Canizares
Membership Chair(s)
Fran Zaccaria
John Anthony
Vice Chair
Jim Breen
Gary Payne
Bonnie Johnson
Training Chair
Roy Ramos
Professional Liaison
Victor Rivera
Vocations Chair
Activities Chair
Robert Hammers
Communications Chair
Tom Kisner
Immediate Past Chair
Janine Halverson

 All our Diocesan Catholic Committee meetings operate under Roberts Rules of Order and Bylaws approved by majority vote of diocesan committee.

Although we do not know of all the vocations that may have resulted from our program, here are a few:

  • Fr Jonathan Demma
  • Fr Keith Hathaway
  • Fr John Hennessey (Deceased)
  • Fr Holmberg
  • Fr David Nichols (Deceased)
  • Msgr Joe Scantlin
  • Retired Vicar Joe Schumacher
  • Fr Tim Thompson
  • Fr Wilson (Deceased)
  • Fr Gene Witkowski
  • Fr. Eric Groner

Both Bishop Kevin Vann and Bishop Michael Olson experienced the Cub Scout program when they were boys.

About Us

Our Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting for the Diocese of Ft Worth has had great impact on our diocese within its history in ministering to our Scouting youth, providing a program that introduces greater depth to each Scout in our Catholic Faith. During the months leading up to the 40th Anniversary of the annual Catholic Boy Scout Retreat in 2000, records were compiled and published by retired CCS Historian Carl King Jr and John Ryan in order to preserve the rich heritage of Catholic Scouting in the Diocese of Ft Worth. We provide the 2nd edition here as a soft copy for posterity. We also mark this is as a testament to those volunteers who served both Scouting and the Church by volunteering to help our Scouts deepen their faith.

Group of Ad Altare Dei awardees from Fort Worth during 1961
Group of Ad Altare Dei awardees from Fort Worth during 1961

Fort Worth Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting History