The Legend Begins
“If the soul of a man is judged by the good he has done, then there is no accolade worthy of the dividends still being wrought.”

Memorials are often erected to those we want to remember after they have passed, however, with Ole Man, the undisputed fraternal love of his work and being… moved scouters from around Longhorn Council to participate in the creation of Ole Man Campsite during the years of 1967-1968. It was very tough rock. . The OA Ordeal dedicated a significant amount of time to cutting a trench up the hill from the pump station at the Archery Range to the Latrine within Ole Man Campsite. Several heavy duty drill bits were broken, picks breaking solid rock and the sweat of dozens managed to make its way to the Latrine so scouts could take a shower or wash up.
You ask me why someone would dedicate the amount of resources to this project...two words...Ole Man... was all that was needed.

The Ole Man didn’t set out to be anything other than a man who helped mold young men. He never was given to bragging or putting himself above any other. His sole interest was in the boy. Any boy….because he welcomed the orphans, the rich, the poor, and the troubled. The adult who came forward with the plans for constructing Ole Man Campsite was one of his scouts from the 1940’s who was an orphan that loved him like a father. Because Ole Man was a father to many who needed him to be. Scouts from St Theresa’s Orphanage in Ft Worth, the Lena Pope Home in Ft Worth, and poor scouts from the north side were welcomed. No one will ever know how much of his own money he spent on outfitting a scout who only had a few changes of clothes, or in obtaining equipment they couldn’t afford, and give out his own blankets during campouts that turned cold. This was not what he became, this is what he was from the very beginning. Through my research back to the 1920’s of Troop 32, dozens of scouts of Troop 32 had the same address….St Theresa’s Orphanage or some other home that had taken in more than they should.

When plans were being laid to honor the Ole Man with a campsite in his name, he was not aware of anything until it was already approved by Troop 32 Committee, the Knights of Columbus Sponsor and the Longhorn Council Executive.