Diocesan Scout Summit

The Diocesan Scout Summit is a combination of Catholic Scout Retreat and Catholic Scouting Fun Day. Girl Scouts, American Heritage, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts are welcome to attend. Please click here to Register

Date:                  Saturday September 23-Sunday September 24th
Location:           St Ignatius Catholic High School
Address:            8109 Shelton Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76120
School Phone:   (817) 801-4801
Time:                 Come When You Can (More Details to Follow)
Cost:                  $ 10 for one day (Saturday OR Sunday); $ 15 for entire weekend
100 years ago, 3 little children, not old enough to have learned to read or write,
Were tending to their sheep when … a wispy white cloud approached them and Our Lady,
The Virgin Mary, appeared to them atop a small bush during 1917. WE HAVE
This event.

If there is one event in the past 100 years that can have a great influence on all, it is this
Series of “Our Lady of the Rosary” apparitions and the miracle at Fatima that:

1/ proves to believer and unbeliever alike that there is a God
2/ that the Virgin Mary listens to our prayers and works to intercede for us
3/ that this event happened in front of over 70,000 people and is undeniable

Our program will be an INSPIRING renewal of our faith!

ALL are invited to participate in this special experience ..
  • An Historical Re-Enactment of the Miracle of Fatima
  • Enjoy the Climbing Tower !!
  • An inspiring Living Rosary at night lit by candlelight ..
  • Create a patch for a Saint – YES – You/Your Scouts can design a patch
  • Earn the St Paul Miki International Activity patch by sending emails to Catholic Japanese Scouts in Tokyo, Japan

Program:   "Come For 2 Hours, Come For The Day, OR All Weekend"
Saturday September 23rd, 2017 Catholic Scout Retreat
Award Candidates Retreat is from 8a-5pm
Additional programs from 5pm-9pm include Living Rosary, Mass, Dinner, Fatima Movie, etc

Sunday September 24th, 2017  Scouting Youth Fun Day
1130am-430pm Enjoy Lunch, the Climbing Tower, Wrist Rockets, Designing A Patch (and earn Art Merit Badge), Send an Email to a Catholic Japanese Scout (earn St Paul Miki International Activity Patch), see a Historical Re-Enactment of Our Lady of Fatima and much more.
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 Catholic Scout Retreat
 Scouting Fun Day
Our traditional Catholic Scout Retreat will fulfill the requirements for many Scouting Religious Awards but also explore inspiring topics of our faith.

One of the greatest moments in the history of the world was predicted and witnessed by over 70,000 pilgrims. This is a scene from the movie that tells the story about “The Miracle Of Our Lady Of Fatima.” A very special program planned!!
 The theme of the 2017 Diocesan Scout Summit is centered around the inspirational story of Fatima.   This special 2 piece patch captures the moment where 70,000 souls witnessed a miracle.

Our Staff is seen here preparing for the Living Rosary. Each bead represents a prayer during our Holy Rosary conducted on Saturday evening. Rain was about to visit us so we brought the Holy Rosary indoors and our Staff conducted an inspirational moment for all Scouts.
 A few Scouts taking a break during the Retreat
Retreat Mass with Catholic Scouting Chaplain
Fr Jeff Poirot
Scouts participated as Altar Servers, Readings and in the Music provided by Crew 304
This is our 57th Annual Retreat and we are having our 2nd Annual Scouting Fun Day.   This picture is from one of our Scout Retreats in 2005 at Worth Ranch.  

We are celebrating the wonderful world of Scouting by traveling 6,430 miles online to Tokyo and communicating with our Catholic Scouting friends in Japan, we are offering an afternoon of a Climbing Wall, etc
On the screen behind our Scouts is a picture of our Catholic Scouting friends in Tokyo, Japan sending us messages even as we write emails to them!!
Having Fun On The Climbing Tower
 Spending an afternoon in the Craft Corner
Our Scouts created a new patch to surprise Bishop Olson. It wasn’t that hard … we can teach you !!
Mr Arturo Canizares, Retreatmaster, is announcing the next Activity
 Our FIRST Girl Scout “St Paul Miki International Activity” patch awardees
Color Guard and Flag Lowering
Registration for 2017 Summit:

For 1 Scout or Adult attending, $ 10 for one day (Saturday or Sunday)
For 1 Scout or Adult attending, $ 15 for weekend (Saturday AND Sunday)
The “Other Amount” field is for paying for a group. Please provide the list of names, etc in “Your Registration Notes” section and email to Margaret Canizares at msn5560@hotmail.com
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$15 2Days 1Participant  
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